Having fun posting your business on social media?
But are you doing it properly?

I see you are very passionate in doing your business, and you are really excited to share it to the whole world.

But beware of these Mistakes!

No worries, you are not alone, I did these mistakes too when I was just starting out.
The good thing is you can always start fresh and do things properly going forward.

So, take note of these.

Things To Avoid When Sharing Your Business On Social Media

One thing to avoid when sharing your business on social media is…
Posting Links that Lead to Your Business.

You might be thinking…

But how am I going to let other people know about my business if I am not posting it?

Ok, just a second and hear me out.

The reason for that is…
Number one, you are taking the curiosity away.

People are naturally curious to find out about things. And when you take that away and just put all the information out in the open what do you think will happen?

Your audience will no longer be engaging with you.

So what you should be doing is posting things bits of info only. This will make the audience curious and keep engaging with you to ask for more information.

And make sure not to mention the name of your company or products on your posts, do this only when the audience reaches out to you and asks for more information. Then do it professionally by booking a scheduled meeting either face-to-face or online.

Number two, people will try and google it instead of reaching out to you.

And when that happens, there is the possibility of them stumbling across wrong information about your business.

Worse, they find a bad review about your business, which is usually just someone’s opinion who did not bother to know the facts about your business.

Do you understand my point so far?

Now, here is the other thing to avoid when posting your business on social media.

Do not make your social media look like a billboard.

Just take a look at your social media right now. Is you business all over it? If yes, you should start revamping your posts.

By the word itself – Social Media – you should do more socializing than advertising.

The rule of thumb… your social media should be 80% social and 20% business.

Act like a real person and not a billboard.

Post interesting things while staying congruent to your business.

Here is an example of a post that is interest-related and aims to pique curiosity of your audience.

Let’s say you went swimming with your friends. Go ahead and post a picture of that. And your caption would go like this…

Weekend swimming with my friends. Good thing I got my beach body ready in time. Whew! Wanna learn my secret on how I did it? Send me a message and I’d be happy to share it with you. #fitness #healthyliving #beachbody

And yes! Don’t forget those hashtags.

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Things To Avoid When Sharing Your Business On Social Media

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