There are two ways to build a team and grow your Network Marketing business:

1. Marketing – posting an ad attracting people to reach out to you to know more about your business,
2. Prospecting – you actively reach out to people to ask if they are open to take a look at your business or not.

If you are starting out, the best way is to do both.

Thus, mastering prospecting is important.

That said, there are things you should avoid when prospecting.

Prospecting and Recruiting Strategies: Avoid These Mistakes

Here are 5 common mistakes that new network marketers make and you should avoid.

1. Using your company or product name.

I have talked about this on my other blog so you might want to check it out for more details.

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Aside from the above reason, the biggest reason why you should not use your company or product name is You Lose Control of the process.

Once the name of the company or product is out, people tend to look for more information else where instead of asking you directly.

And the next thing you would not want to happen, is they find someone else to join.

So the best way to go is to not mention the company or product name, instead, share the benefits your business or products provide.

Then ask your prospect to reach out to you for more information.

2. Spending too much time building rapport

Building rapport is also important but your prospecting process should not revolve too much on that.

Just imagine spending months or even a year just to build rapport, then suddenly you pop up your business offer.

Major Awkwardness!

It might even leave an impression to your prospect that you are not genuine with the relationship you built with them and that you only spent all this time getting to know them because you are just fishing them to join your business.

So your best course of action is to make a short connection (a couple of exchanging messages) and then bring up the reason for reaching out to them.

And if you do it correctly and professionally, people will even respect you and might actually think of doing business with you.

3. No CTA (Call-To-Action)

Call-To-Action is telling people what to do and how to take the next step with you.

When you share information about the benefits of your company or product, and have caught the attention of your audience, you need to tell them what to do next.

Tell them to “Reach Out To Me To Learn More” or “Message Me For More Details”.

Otherwise, people will not know what to do next and will just walk away from you without even knowing more about what you have.

And there goes your sale or sign up out the window.

4. Sharing links and too much information

You might not have given the name of your company or product, but you are sharing too much information.

That is still a ‘No-No’.

Sharing too much information removes the curiosity. And when the curiosity is gone, the interest to connect with you dies down too.

If you are also sharing links to your business too much, you are sending people all over the place, away from you, and then you lose control of the process.

On top of these, when you are the one giving things openly, it makes you look like you are chasing after them.

But if you don’t give the details openly, people chase after you because they are too curious to know more.

What you should do is to make sure to have a Call-To-Action.

Tell them to reach out to you. Set a schedule that they can commit to so they can watch your presentation (and that is the only time you give them the link). And set a time when you will get back to them to check out if they have more questions, so you can take them to the next process which is signing them up.

5. Not reaching out to more people

Let’s get real, building a team is a game of numbers.

The less people you reach out to, the lower the chance you produce sign ups.

The more people you reach out to, the higher the chance you produce sign ups.

To do this, you should set a goal of how many people you would talk to each day.

Ideally, the number of people should be in two digits (10 and above).

But if you are starting out and still trying to get the hang of it, you can start with 3-5 people a day.

Then gradually increase it as you go on.

The important thing is you set a goal that you will commit to daily.

And make sure to stay consistent.

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Prospecting and Recruiting Strategies: Avoid These Mistakes

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