Having the confidence in promoting your business is hard, especially if you are just starting out and don’t have any result yet.
But you will never have the result you want if you don’t have the confidence.
So, where does that put you?
Don’t worry.
You can fix that!
Because today I’m sharing to you the 5 steps on how to…

Increase Your Confidence So You Can Sell More

It’s perfectly normal to start from zero. But don’t let it stop you from going out there and promote your business.
Here are the 5 steps to Increasing Confidence in your business.

1. Create Your Own Testimonial
If you are selling products, try it first.
The best testimonial is first hand experience.
You don’t have to try them all. You can start with one – the best seller or the product you like most.
Then talk about what you liked about the product and how it helped you.
On the other hand, if you want to do an income testimonial but you still don’t have any income, use a third party (someone else’) testimonial.
Once you start a little bit of money, start doing your own income testimonial.
It doesn’t matter if you only earned a small amount.
Starting from small income is a realistic expectation and that makes you relatable to your audience.
Because in reality, nobody earns big right away.
Your main goal is to have something to share.
That’s all.
Because that will help you build your confidence.

2. Get Involved With Your Team
Always find a way to reach out to your teammates or business partners.
Attend your team or company events like training, team building, award ceremonies.
You will hear a lot of stories and information from people and leaders from these events.
These stories and information will give you more testimonials and knowledge to share to your potential customers.
Events also give you the chance to take picture with people in your team, and your audience likes seeing pictures of what’s happening in your life.

3. Change Your Internal Self-Talk
This is the most powerful way to increase your confidence.
That small voice in your head is very powerful in building your confidence.
Stop thinking that ‘No one will believe you because you don’t have any result yet’ or ‘Who’s going to listen to you?’.
These are just negativity in your mind.
Throw negativity away.
I know it is hard to make yourself believe if you still haven’t experienced it.
But the only way to build your internal belief is to actually think positive and make your mind believe that you can do it.
Create a mantra for yourself – “I am a winner”, “I am a successful entrepreneur”, “people love to buy from me”, “people love to join my business”.
Repeat these positive phrases in your thoughts and your brain will pick up the habit and you will start to build the belief and confidence.

4. Research and Learn More About The Industry You Are In
More knowledge allows you to be able to share more information.
And being knowledgeable can bring you the confidence that you need.
On top of that, if you are knowledgeable, people will see you as a credible person.
Credibility builds trust.
And people tend to choose to do business with a person they trust.

5. Block Out The Negativity
It’s very important to your overall success to block out all external negativity.
You don’t need these crap in your life.
A lot of toxic people will be around you to discourage you and put you down.
There will be jealous people who try to tear down your excitement and stop you from moving your life forward.
But Never Ever let these happen.
If you need to close the doors to some people in your life, do as you must.
Stay away from negativity.

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Increase Your Confidence So You Can Sell More

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