These days, you will see a lot of people spending time on social media.

Which makes social media as a best place to find prospects.

And let’s say you found your ideal customers and teammates for your business on social media.

What would you say to total strangers to initiate conversation with them?

How To Start Conversations With Cold Prospects

First of all, I want you to consider this.

If you are prospecting in social media, your primary activities should not be about selling.

Because in reality, people love buying things, but they hate being sold.

Your main objective is to pique your audiences’ interest so that they would reach out to you.

So before you start prospecting and talking to people, make sure to avoid these mistakes.

1. Never go for a sales pitch on your first message.

Let’s be honest.

Who would want to receive a message offering or selling you a bunch of things you are not sure you need or are interested in.

And what do you do to these kind of messages?

You ignore or delete them.

2. Don’t be spammy.

If you aren’t sure what being spammy means…

This is when you send unwanted and bulk messages to people.

That said, don’t send people links either.

As much as you want to introduce them to your amazing product or business, giving them links is not the proper way to do it either.

Additionally, don’t send messages in bulk.

Bulk messages is either sending multiple messages to one person or sending one message to multiple persons.

3. Don’t copy paste messages.

Copy and paste may be making things easier for you, but this is a big No-No on social media.

And I am not referring to an unspoken rule.

This is an actual red flag for the social media algorithm.

When the algorithm detects exact words being sent to multiple people, your social media account can be blocked.

How To Start Conversations With Cold Prospects

Just think of this…

If someone messages you for the first time, what message will make you respond?

Okay, now that you know what Not To Do…

Here are the things To Do.

Again, the goal is just to get the conversation started. So make sure to stick to this guide.

1. Greet and give a genuine compliment.

Start with a simple greeting, then give a genuine compliment.

Do not give a random compliment.

Your prospect is not dumb not to realize that you are just saying things because you are up to something.

2. Relate to your prospect if you can.

The best thing to do this is to research a bit about your prospect.

You can check their profile and photos, and find something in common like hobbies, what they do for a living, places they have been.

Find things that you can relate to inside your conversation.

3. Ask a question.

Ending your conversation with a question invites your prospect to respond to you so you can keep the conversation rolling.

Make sure though that it is not a question with a Yes-No answer.

Always ask an open-ended question to get them to talk more.

How To Start Conversations With Cold Prospects

Now that you have the To Do list, let’s put together an example Conversation Starter.

Let’s say you are sending a message to someone named Lisa.

“Hello Lisa! I love your review on the different food and treats you feed your furbabies.
I really like how much you care about their diet and health. I have my own, too. Two lovely corgies.
I’m wondering how many do you have and what breeds? Looking forward to hearing from you today.”

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