For all of you in network and online marketing, I have a question.
Are you doing any of the following on your social media accounts?

– posting and mentioning your company name
– posting pictures showing your products
– mentioning the brand and product names

If your answer is ‘YES’, please stop doing these right this instant.

This is not the right way to promote your business.

So, how will you promote your business if you are not showing it to everyone?

Just relax, sit down, take a deep breath, and I will show you…

How To Promote Your Business The Proper Way

Before I go into details, let me just put these out there real quick.

1. People buy from people, not from the company.
2. People are naturally curious.

That being said, let me go into details on how to promote your business the proper way based on these pointers.

People Buy From People, Not From The Company

When a new business or brand comes out, do people buy from them right away?


Because people tend to be skeptical about unknown brands or products.

So what do these business usually do to introduce their products and attract people to buy?

They hire celebrities and influencers to endorse their products and brands.

It’s because People Trust People, so People Buy From People.

With that in mind, promoting your company name or product name is not the right way to do it.

Instead, you should be promoting YOU.

How do you promote You?

With social media around, people like snooping at other people’s profiles.

Hence, start with posting attractive things or lifestyle pictures.

It can either be you and your family on vacation, your company events (make sure the company name does not show anywhere), your or your team’s achievements, your new sign ups or teammates, your and other people’s testimonials.

Those kind of posts are what should be on your social media.

Which brings us to the second pointer…

People Are Naturally Curious

With the lifestyle posts you have, you have now piqued people’s curiosity.

And the next thing they want is details.

This is when they feel the need to reach out to you to Know More about what you are doing.

It is only then that you introduce your products and business. Make sure though that you do it professionally by setting them up for a scheduled meeting whether online or offline.

Here are bonus info on how you can Promote YOU.

a. Album Your Posts

You need to make your posts Evergreen, which means make it that people can see them at anytime even if it was a post from a year ago.

Putting your posts and pictures in an Album helps make your posts always available and easy to find.

You can read more about the benefits of saving posts in Albums in this blog –>

b. Invest In Yourself

By this I mean invest in more knowledge. More things you know, the more valuable you become. The more knowledge you can share, the more people see you as an expert and credible person.

I have talked more about how to build yourself as an authority in this blog –>

c. Build Your Own Branded Community

People love associating themselves to groups. That includes Your Own Branded Community.

Example of a branded community is a Facebook group or Members Only Subscription.

You can then create a unique Group Name for your community.

Being in a group gives people the sense of belongingness and social identity.

To do this, you must first need to identify the people you want to serve or your niche. And the best way to do this is by setting your Mission Statement.

With your Mission Statement in place, you will be able keep in track and consistently offer contents and value related to you niche. Because the more laser focused you are to your niche, the higher your conversion rate will be.

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How To Promote Your Business The Proper Way


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