You finally started your own business.
And you are very excited to share the good news to your family and friends.
You reach out to many different people because you know your product will be very beneficial for them.
And you are confident that they will all buy your product and sign up like you did.
But then…
They say ‘NO’.
You try again and meet other people.
But they say ‘NO’ again.
You get a ‘NO’ for the third time, the fourth time, the Nth time…
So now you feel REJECTED.
Now you hesitate to continue promoting because you are afraid to get rejected again.
Is this you?
Don’t worry.
Because I am going to help you to stop feeling this way so you stop being scared and instead…
Become more confident in your business.
I will share to you the strategy on…

How To Overcome the Feeling of Rejection

The short and simple answer is ‘Setting Your Expectation Properly’.
So how do you do that?

1. Know that getting started is always the toughest part
Imagine the picture of a man pushing a big rock up the mountain.
That start of pushing the rock to move and get it moving up will be very difficult.
But once you get to the peak of the mountain and you are able to push the rock over the other side…
Everything becomes easier as you get the momentum.
The same with your business, it will be hard in the beginning.
Going out there promoting and trying to get your business in front of many people as you can will be exhausting.
Getting people to say ‘YES’ to you and buy your product will require hard work and dedication.
But once you get that first sale, all you need to do is keep repeating that process.
Then teach that process to your teammates to multiply your effort.
That is when you will have that momentum.

2. Expect it will not be a smooth ride
Everything has a process.
And every process has a learning curve.
There will be a lot of bumps.
You will create a lot of mistakes.
But you will also learn from those mistakes and improve the next time.
Don’t get scared that you will run out of people to talk to and offer your product.
There’s 8 billion people all over the world and you have the power of the internet to be able to reach out worldwide.
The key is, continue to take action, continue on promoting your business, continue on talking to people.
This brings us to number 3.

3. Aim to get more ‘NO’
I am not saying you should do poorly to make people say ‘NO’.
What I mean is go out there and promote your business as many time as you can.
If you are getting more ‘No’, then it means you are able to get your business in front of many people.
Exposure is the key to get customers.
Notice how big companies post their businesses on billboards everywhere and buy primetime slots on television and radios to advertise their products.
That is because they want more exposure and reach out to as many people as they can.
So go and reach out to more people.
Expect for ‘NO’ right at the start but continue to show your confidence in what you have.
You won’t feel down when the prospect says No because you already expected it, but you will be ecstatic and surprised when the prospect says ‘Yes’ instead.

4. Prepare yourself to learn more
Like I mentioned, everything has a process, and it will not be a smooth ride.
And in order to make the ride smoother as you go through the process, you need to learn how to do things right and keep learning more to improve your presentation and closing skills.
Here are some of the additional skills that are essential to increase your success in getting more customers:

  • Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Advertising
  • Selling
  • The art of questioning
  • Storytelling
  • Public speaking
  • Social Media management
  • Time management
  • Data analysis
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I know it’s a lot, but you don’t have to learn all of them at the same time.
Learn them one at a time, but make sure that you learn them all.

5. Understand that they are not saying ‘NO’ to you
When you started your business, you did it because you believe that your business will be able to help you and that it will also be able to help other people.
Whether it is a shampoo that will help them keep the embarrassing dandruff away.
Or a cream that will rejuvenate their skin and remove their wrinkles, making them looking young again.
Or a business opportunity that will give them extra income so they can have financial freedom to do the things they want without worrying about money ever again.
People have their problems and your product, service or opportunity might be the solution that they need.
So when you offer what you have them and they say ‘No’…
Understand that they are not saying No to you but they are saying No to their own self-improvement and their dreams.

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How To Overcome the Feeling of Rejection

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