There are 4.62 billion people around the world that are now using social media, which makes social media a great way to promote your business.
And social media does work if you do the right things correctly.
First things first, when you are going to use social media to promote your business, make sure you are using Facebook Page (or business page if you are on Instagram) and not your business profile.
I talked about the reasons why in my other blog so check that one out for the details >> Facebook Page vs Profile: Which is Best For Your Business?
Moving along, there are two questions that you can ask yourself to find out if you are doing the right things on social media:
1. Does your Facebook Page look like a billboard?
Are your posts only talk about selling and promoting products or services that your Page looks like a billboard?
Social Media is meant for socializing, so if you are only doing selling, people will not be attracted to you, instead they might stay away from you because people don’t like salesy things and they definitely don’t like being sold to.
2. Do you look like someone you want to do business with?
Take time to look at your profile pic, cover photo, and all the things you post on your Facebook Page.
When you look at you, do you think you would want to do business with you? Or do you look like someone who is not serious and not worth doing business with?
Now you have the right perspective on how your Social Media Page should look like, here are the steps on…

How To Optimize Your Social Media Page for Business Success

1. Use your own Brand Name
If you own your company and you have your own brand, or your name as your own brand (like mine because I am using my name as my brand), then use that.
Do not use somebody else’s brand on your page, this is especially if you are in Affiliate Marketing, Direct Selling and Network Marketing wherein you sell other people’s products.
You should build your own brand.
People trust and buy from a person, not from a company.
So if you want people to trust you and buy from you, you need to get your own name out there, not other people’s name or company name.
Also, there is a big chance that your audience will google up the name of your company instead asking directly from you.
And when that happens, they might see bad reviews about that company, which sometimes are just false beliefs and opinions of people, and that could ruin the chance of you getting a new customer.
Or, your audience might find someone more popular than you like a top earner of the company, and choose to do business with them instead of with you.
This is why you should always put your name and your brand out there first.
2. Remove all posts that has your company’s name or other people’s brand name
The reason is based on Step #1.
3. Use a clear, professional Profile Pic
You don’t necessarily have to be on a business suit.
The important thing is you look presentable, the image is clear, and it is the right size – not too small that it can’t be seen, not too large that only your nose fits the frame.
If you still have your cat or dog, or an anime character as your profile pic, it’s time to change it.
People will identify you based on your own photo, not an image of something else.
And people will identify with you and relate with you, if you do not have the right profile pic to do that then people will not want to do anything with you.
4. Showcase your brand and mission on your Cover Photo
Take advantage of your cover photo, it is the best area of your Page to emphasize who you are and what you do.
Add your logo there if you have one, put your name, include your mission statement, this is how your audience will know and understand what benefit they will get from following you.
5. Complete your About section
Facebook and Instagram algorithm prefer Pages that have complete information in the About section.
If you do not have a physical store, which means you do not have physical address, that is fine, but make sure to add your website or whatever platform you are using where people can reach out to you.
Add all the platforms you have – Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube.
Put your email address, business hours, phone number if you have these available.
Write a description in your Page Info, you can breakdown the details of your mission statement, goals and objectives here.
When people go to your business page, the About section and Photo section are the two places they first check out.
6. Remove anything that is NOT Related to your business
If you are still fond of posting funny images, memes, gaming streams, and they are not related to your business, You should stop at this moment.
You should also stop posting anything negative, if you want your business to prosper it is very important to keep the energy around you and your business positive.
7. Start posting valuable contents
Motivation quotes, tips, strategies, testimonials, achievements, training events, FAQ, Q and A – these are the valuable contents that you should be posting on your Social Media Page.
Give people contents and information that can either get them inspired or provide them new knowledge.
Videos are the best media to use, if you are not ready to face the camera, do tutorial videos that only show what you are doing.
The next best media to use is infographic.
You can also optimize your posts by using the Album section, you can read more about it in this blog >> How To Generate Leads Using Facebook Photo Album
There you have it.
Just to recap the steps on How To Optimize Your Social Media Page For Business Success:
1. Use your own Brand Name
2. Remove all posts that has your company’s name or other people’s brand name
3. Use a clear, professional Profile Pic
4. Showcase your brand and mission on your Cover Photo
5. Complete your About section
6. Remove anything that is NOT Related to your business
7. Start posting valuable contents

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