Are you promoting your product or business everywhere on social media hoping that someone might see your post?
But then no one messages you to even inquire.
Or maybe you made a post about your wonderful offer, then you receive lots of comments but all of them are people piggybacking on your post to offer their own products or opportunities.
Sounds familiar?
These are what happen when you don’t identify your target customer or Niche.

Why you need to know your niche?
Marketing and Sales has absolutely nothing to do with WHAT it is that you’re selling.
It has everything to do with WHO you are selling to.

But how exactly do you figure out who they are?
To help you with that, here are 7 questions you should ask yourself to guide you on…

How To Find Your Perfect Niche

1. What age range is likely interested in your product?
A toy will be attractive to kids or parents.
But since you can only target adults, you are likely to target parents with young kids.
And that age range is around 25-35 years old.
Mobile phone is attractive even to teenagers.
But if you are selling a phone that is on a higher price range.
You might want to target those who can afford to buy it.
These may be working people starting from mid-level position, around 30-55 years old.

2. What do they do for a living?
An office worker will be interested in buying a laptop, but an agriculturist might not have the same interest in it.
A professional chef will see a good investment in a $2,000 Japanese Blue Steel knife set, but your home cook mom might not.

3. Will specific gender be more interested?
Beauty products often are attractive to women.
But you cannot disregard that some men would buy beauty items to give as a gift to women.

4. Where are you selling your products?
Taking the example in number three again.
If the area where you are selling has a balance population of men and women, you might want to consider targeting both.
But if 80% of the population are women, you might get a better chance of more sales by focusing selling to women.

5. Are they married, do they have kids or pets?
Just like buying a car, a single person with not much financial responsibility might choose a more luxurious car or perhaps a small one for single person use, but a family will likely choose a larger size and all-purpose vehicle.

6. What are the things that worry them or keep them up at night?
Every people has their own problems that need solution.
Can your product or business help solve their problem?

7. What are their interests and preferences when it comes to places to hang out, things to watch, browse or subscribe online?
Interests and preferences are great indicators if a person is your ideal niche.
Not only it indicates how likely are they to be looking for and consuming your products, it is also a great help to check some red flags if they are good customers or clients.
As much as we want to make lots of sales, we do not want to be dealing with negative people either.
Additionally, knowing your customers’ interests and preference will allow you to be able to align your offer and sales pitch to match their specific needs and wants.

Just a final note, the answer to to the above questions can also serve as your guide on:
✓What to post on social media
✓What kind of product or service you should create and sell
✓How to share your products so that people will be interested in the benefits

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How To Find Your Perfect Niche

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