Standing out from your competitors is important for business success.
To do this, you need to have your personal brand.

What is a Personal Brand?
Simply, your personal brand is how you want people to think and see you.

What is the purpose of Personal Brand?
Personal brand gives you and your business more identity and credibility.
It builds you and your business a strong reputation.

So how do you exactly create your own personal brand?

How To Create Your Personal Brand

Follow these steps to create your personal brand.

Identify your goal
The reason we set goals is to provide direction and purpose.
When we set a goal, we are giving ourselves a target to strive for.
Without a clear goal, it is difficult to generate a plan of action.
And without a plan, it is likely we will not be as efficient.
Here are 8 questions that can guide you in setting your goals:

  • Why am I here?
  • Where have I been?
  • Where am I now?
  • Where do I want to get to?
  • How can I get there?
  • How will I know if I have arrived?
  • What’s holding me back?
  • Who can help me?

Find your niche
Finding your niche is about determining the focus of your business and then working to hone your skillset so you become an expert on that industry.
Every individual also has a set of problems they want to resolve, so choosing your niche will help you match what you have to what your customers need.
To help you pick your niche, you can refer to this blog – How To Find Your Perfect Niche.

Set your value statement
Having a clear set of values helps your customers understand what you stand for.
Your value statement also helps you to make the right decisions in your business to achieve your goals.
Value statement serves as your guide in everything you do.
Here are some examples of core values to choose from to help you start with:
Commitment to Customers
Continuous Learning
Constant Improvement

Choose your pillars
As an entrepreneur, building expertise is part of your goal.
Apart from that, you also need to share these expertise to your customers to build credibility and trust.
The Pillars are the things you would talk about when sharing valuable information to your customers.
Valuable information like tips, strategies, tutorials and trainings will be based on your pillars.
Make sure to list down 1-3 pillars that you will build expertise in and talk about in your platform.

Pick your aesthetics
Aesthetics is important to give your brand a visual identity.
Examples of aesthetics are your logo, colors and text fonts that you use on your website or social media pages.
Here are some websites that can help you with your aesthetics. – create your logo – choose your colors – choose text fonts

Determine your intangibles
1. Brand Voice
Brand voice is your brand’s personality; the unique way you present to the world.
Through a set brand voice and tone, your audience can get to know and understand your brand, as you create a dialogue. It is the chance for business leaders to express their brands’ unique persona and seamlessly build up relationships with the audience.
Here are some types of Brand Voice and companies that use them:

  • Positive and inspiring – Nike
  • Humorous – Fridababy
  • Strong and aggressive – Harley Davidson
  • Proud and exclusive – Ford
  • Considerate and simple – Good American
  • Highly emotional – Always
  • Elegant and sweet – Tiffany
  • Absurd and weird – Old Spice

2. Brand Positioning
Brand positioning describes how a brand is different from its competitors and where, or how, it sits in customers’ minds.
Below are examples of companies and their brand positioning:

  • Coca-Cola – bring out the value of happiness, friendship, joy, and sharing
  • Dove – bring out the beauty of women well
  • Apple – exclusivity, luxury and elegance
  • Starbucks – giving the best consumer experience
  • Amazon – take shopping to a new level
  • HubSpot – offers companies the best tools to help them to grow better
  • Michelin – upscale yet affordable brand
  • Nike – innovation and performance
  • Volkswagen – a reliable and permanent company, buyers are comfortable when they make a purchase
  • Walmart – store of the general crowd

As businesses and the internet evolves, so will your personal brand.
Adjust your persona accordingly as you and your business grow and meet different types of customers.
Don’t hesitate to create a brand that lets you shine the brightest.

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