If you are using social media to promote your product, service, or opportunity, then creating content is a significant part of your activities.
However, one of the common struggles of social media marketers is creating content ‘consistently’.
Questions like, ‘Where do I start?’, ‘How do I start?’, ‘What do I post today?’.
And for most, these are dreaded questions which contribute to an entrepreneur deciding to quit because it just feels so overwhelming.
I get it. Because those where my questions before I discovered a system that works for me.
And this time, I am going to share to you the same system that I use that allows me to create consistent content.
Let’s start!

How to Create Consistent Content

Types of Content
These are the four types of contents that you can use on social media to attract people and promote your business.

1. Inspirational – Usually gets the highest engagement. Its purpose is to inspire your audience and build connection with them.

2. Educational – The purpose is to provide useful information that will help improve your audiences’ lives. It can be tips, strategies, tutorials, guide, cheat sheet in the form of a pdf, document, or video.

3. Personal – People are naturally likes to snoop about other people’s lives. Giving them a glimpse of your personal experiences like your day-to-day activities or behind-the-scenes of your business makes you relatable to others and thus build engagement.

4. Promotional – The purpose of this content is to promote your business. It can either be a direct invitation to buy your product or join your business, or success stories and testimonials, or handling objections by directly showing examples or social proof that addresses the objection.

How to Find Content

I simply google this one. I do use keyword search on what type of inspirational quote or message I want to use.
For example, if I want a health and wellness inspiration, I will search on google “health and wellness quotes”.
If I want a success inspiration, I will search on google “success quotes”.

One way to find educational contents is to use a third-party app.
You can check this blog for more info>>
More examples of third-party apps that you can use to search for topics are: copy.ai, writesonic.com, and anyword.com.
In addition, you can also look for educational contents using keyword search on Pinterest and Instagram.

Share any experience you have.
Whether it is an awesome vacation or a simple grocery shopping, it all goes to this type of content.
The point is to show that you are a regular person like everybody else.
You do what every regular person does.
And you were also a person who once dreamed to be successful and worked your way to achieve your goals.
That also translates as, if you can be successful, so can they.
This builds your connection to your viewers.

This depends on what you have.
If you are affiliated with a company, you can use the materials provided by your company.
You can also recreate the materials from your company if you want your promotion to be personalized to yourself.
Another way is to hire a professional to create the materials that you will use as contents.
For success stories and testimonials, you could share your own if you already made result in your business (even if it is just a small one), or interview someone you know who already made results for themselves.

How to Create Consistency

The best way to create consistency is to plan and schedule.
When we talk about consistency, it is your commitment to show up every single time.
If you promised to post 3x a day, every day, then you should do so.
But if you cannot commit to this, then choose a frequency that you can commit to.
Once a day, 4x a week still is a good schedule as long as you can commit to this.
Still find it too much?
Then bring it down to once a week.
The point is, as long as you can show up every single time.
That is consistency.
You can always add more days or frequency in the future as you learn your ropes and find things comfortable.

How to Create a Schedule

I also do not want to be overwhelmed since I am working full-time.
So, my commitment is once a day, Mondays-Saturdays.
But for the example below, I will give you a full week schedule with one content per day.
You can adjust it to your preference and commitment by adding more different contents in a day or lessening the number of days.

Example Schedule for a Week

Monday – Inspirational Content
Tuesday – Educational Content
Wednesday – Promotional Content (product offer)
Thursday – Inspirational Content
Friday – Educational Content
Saturday – Promotional Content (testimonial)
Sunday – Personal Content

Based on the schedule above, here are the number of contents you need to prepare for a week.

Inspirational – 2
Educational – 2
Promotional – 2
Personal – 1

If you want to schedule ahead, let’s say five weeks, you can do so.
You simply multiply the above number of contents to how many weeks you want to prepare to get the total number of contents to prepare.

For example:

Inspirational – 2 x 5 = 10
Educational – 2 x 5 = 10
Promotional – 2 x 5 = 10
Personal – 1 x 5 = 5

With the number of contents identified, choose 1-2 days in a month that you will work on your 5 weeks content.

You can also do this on a weekly basis and prepare it on weekends or during your available time. Let’s say, you set aside 1 hours daily to work on your next week’s content.

Content Variety

Make sure that there is variety of contents when you post even if you lessen the frequency.
Just like watching tv where there is variety of shows from drama to comedy, to action, to horror, it also works the same way with your contents.
Viewers like variety on contents they see.

How to Create Consistent Content

Alright, now you have the recipe on how to create consistent content, go ahead and work on it.
Feeling overwhelmed at this point?
Like I said, commit to what you can even if it is just once a week, just make sure to show up every week.
The point is to be consistent.
Because you are a business owner, and the only way that your business will give you result is to take your business seriously.
If you take care of your business consistently, your business will consistently generate income for you.

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How To Create Consistent Content

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