There are 4.70 billion social media users around the world which makes social media a great place to find your potential customers and promote your business.

And to achieve the results that you want for your business, you must create a rock-solid strategy that will guarantee your success in marketing on social media.

Here are the steps on…

How To Build A Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategy

Define your goals
Goals are like your guiding stars, they point you to the direction you should be going.
Without goals, all the things that you do are done without a purpose.
And if you are doing things without a purpose, you won’t accomplish anything and you won’t be seeing the results that you want to see.
So, how do you exactly define your goals?

First, think of the results you want to see.
Do you want to have a lot of subscribers?
Do you want to generate thousands of leads?
Do you want to earn millions of sales?

It doesn’t matter how many goals you list down, as long as you have them written where you can see them often to remind you of what direction you are taking.

Second, make sure you are creating SMART goals.
SMART means:

Specific – clearly states what are the things to do, who will do it, and how will these be done.

Measurable – quantify your goal to make it measurable, for example: to reach $ 1 million income in 2 years.
This way, you know your direction is that in 2 years you must make $ 1 million income.

Attainable – goals should not be too hard but must not be too easy as well. Setting a goal that is too hard to achieve will make you lose confidence and can lead to early quitting. While setting a goald that is too easy will remove the challenge that will make you motivated and strive for self-improvement.

Realistic – make sure you are setting realistic goals. A goal of $ 1 million monthly income is overly far-fetched especially if you are a small business and just starting out.

Time-bound – set a time-frame in completing your goal. It can be a short-term goal that is within a week, a month or a year, or a long-term goal that is to be accomplished in 5 or 10 years.

Identify your target customer
Identifying your target customer allows your business to focus its marketing efforts.
You want to focus your efforts to those who are likely to buy your products or services.
It also helps in communicating and sending your message better so you can build deeper relationships with your customers.
To learn more on how to identify your target customers, head over to this blog>> 7 Questions To Discover Your Ideal Customer

Choose the right channel
There are so many platforms out there nowadays BUT… make sure to choose the platforms that suits you and your business.
It is ideal to choose just one platform in the beginning and master that platform.

Showing up in all of the platforms just because you want to be everywhere so more people will see you is actually counter productive.
It will only exhaust you by creating and posting more contents and get you burnt out.
On top of that, biting more than what you can chew may lead you to lose focus on what really is your goal.

In this situation, Less is More.

So, how to choose your platform?
Ask yourself…
Which one are you more comfortable using?
Which platform does your ideal customers hang out the most?

Don’t worry if people from other platforms won’t see you.
Your goal is to be where the people who are likely to buy from you and focus your marketing efforts there.

Plan and create contents
Sharing valuable content is essential to attract and nurture your viewers in order to turn them to buyers.
But creating content can be challenging and exhausting.
This is why planning your content before creating them is important.

Write down the topics you want to discuss on your social media page.
Put yourself in the shoes of your target customer and ask…
What questions do they have in mind?
What are their usual pain points?
What problems do they want to solve?
What worries them and keeps them up at night?

Then create contents that answers these questions.
If you want the step-by-step guide on what type of content to create, how to schedule your contents and how to stay consistent in creating contents, read more in this blog>> How to Create Consistent Content

Stay consistent
The reason you want to be on social media and post contents on social media is to become visible to people.
You first need to create brand awareness and let the people know that your business exists.
And to make this possible, you need to consistently show up.

Make sure that you post content regularly.
Also, posting and providing valuable information regularly helps to build your credibility.
When you share your knowledge all the time, it helps to make people see you as an authority in your industry.
And when you build credibility, you also build trust.
Once people trust you and your brand, they will choose to buy from you over your competitors.

Track your results
The best thing about social media is the availability of data.
There are statistical tools that shows you how your contents are performing.
You should take advantage of these tools and track your results.

Tracking your results allows you to see what works and what’s not.
You can see which types of contents and which topics people want and you can focus your effort there.

Same goes with your ads.
Social media analytics gives you the best insights on how your ads are performing.
This gives you the information you need to improve your ads so they can attract more leads.
Identifying which of your activities work and optimizing them is what boosts your conversion.

Leverage on your results
Back in 2014, it is easy to grow your social media page organically, but that is no longer how it is today.
Years ago, there is no TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, but now micro-contents and short-form videos are the most viewed contents.
This only shows that what works previously are not working now, and what works now might not work in the future.
That said, making sure to leverage on what works based on your current results is very important.

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How To Build A Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategy

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