If you are promoting your business on social media, you would want to have viewers.

Naturally, more viewers, more people who can see you your product.

It is the same concept used on television and radio advertising (way before there is internet).

Companies would choose to promote their products on prime time shows because there are more people watching these shows.

Similarly, the same strategy can be applied on social media.

You can choose to do Paid Ads for more reach, however, if you are growing your views and engagement organically (without using paid ads), you would want to consider the best time and frequency of posting.

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So what about frequency?

How Often Should You Post On Social Media For Optimum Business Result

Before anything else, I would like to point out the types of contents that are usually posted on social media.
These are:

  • Educational – tutorial, training, infographics
  • Inspirational – quotes, amazing facts/trivia, success stories
  • Interactive – quiz, polls/surveys, challenges, contests, giveaways
  • Connecting – personal stories, behind-the-scenes, feedback
  • Entertaining – memes, jokes, comedy, games
  • Promotional – marketing, selling

The Rule Of Thumb
Based on the types of contents above, the rule of thumb is 80% social and 20% promotional.
Which means, if you are posting contents 10x a week, eight posts should either be or a mix of educational, inspirational, interactive, connecting, entertaining, and only two posts are promotional.

Here’s the thing, posting to often can get your audience tired of you if they see to many of your contents.
However, if you are posting rarely, your viewers might also find you boring or uninteresting if they see too little of your contents.
So, how often is ‘Often’ and how rarely is ‘Rarely’?

How Often Should You Post On Social Media For Optimum Business Result

Based on my research and my own experience as well, posting daily gives your audience the feeling that your page is active.

Viewers of course prefer an active page than a dead one.

Although, posting 10-20x a day, every single day, can be too much for your audience.

We also have what is called ‘Content Fatigue’ in which people get tired seeing too much of you on their feeds.

If you have a brand new page, posting 3-5x a day, daily is ok for the first week or the first month.

This is because you want to build up a significant amount of contents on your page.

When you are new, people still have that hype and curiosity of consuming more of your contents.

As time goes by, you can tone down to get that balance.

Because surprisingly, the more posts you have in a day, the number of engagements tend to decrease.

Once you have a significant amount of posts to gain momentum, you can slow down to 1-2x a day, daily.

Or if you are unable to do it daily, you should at least do it 3-4x a week.

Another thing, if you are posting 2 or more in a day, make sure to post at least 2 hours in between.

Posting two things one after the other in short intervals will decrease the views and engagement of your previous posts because the new ones will push the old posts to the bottom of the feed.

And there you have it.
Use this guide to find the right balance of posting frequency on your page.
Even if you can just manage once a day, 3x a week, the most important thing is you do this routine consistently every week.

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How Often Should You Post On Social Media For Optimum Business Result

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