So, you want to see what your competitors’ are up to.
Here’s what you should do – spy on them.

Facebook Ad Spying Tools

I’m not saying you need to do what James Bond does.
You can spy on your competitors using a simple and easy method.
You just need to use Facebook Ad Spying Tools.

What are Ad Spying Tools?
Ad Spying Tools help you see what type of ads your competitors’ are running and which ads are running successfully.
These tools can show you everything from the creatives used, to the ad copy used and marketing objective.

Why spy on your competitors?
Getting insights on what your competitors are doing can give you ideas on what and how you should do things.
You can analyze their ads and look at what works and find ways to model and apply it into your own ad campaigns.
In doing so it can help you avoid wasting time on trial and error.

What ad spying tools can you use?
There are free and paid versions of ad spying tools.
These two are the FREE tools you can use for ad spying:

  • Facebook Ad Library
  • Bigspy

Facebook Ad Spying Tools

What is Facebook Ad Library?
Facebook Ad Library allows you to get information about all the ads you see that are running across Meta Products which includes Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.

How to use Facebook Ad Library?
To start, simply go to the Facebook Ad Library site.

In there you can search for the type of ad that you want to view.

Use a keyword search by typing in the topic or name you are interested in.

You can broaden or narrow your search by country and ad category.


Also, you can filter your search by clicking the Filter button at the upper-right side of the screen.
It will allow you to filter by language, advertiser, platform, media type, status and impressions by date.

Number of Queries
You can make unlimited number of queries using Facebook Ad Library and it is forever Free to use.

Facebook Ad Spying Tools

What is Bigspy?
Bigspy works like Facebook Ad Library but with additional functions.
It allows you to search further by site type, marketing objective and engagement.
You can also search ads outside the Facebook platform such as Instagram, Youtube, AdMob, Tiktok, Twitter, Pinterest and Yahoo.

How to use Bigspy?
You will need to signup for a membership first.
Don’t worry, it’s totally free to sign up.
Members are given the option to upgrade to a paid version later if you are interested to do so.
Below is the url of their site.

If you take a closer look at the ads inside Bigspy, you are also able to view the stats of Popularity, Impressions and Duration.

By placing your cursor over the three dots on top-right corner of the ad, it allows you to access to view the Original Page, Original Post, Landing Page and Ad Details.

When you click the Ad Details it will show you additional info like the platform used, country of origin, language, size of the media, page ID, website and post ID.

To see the entire copy of the ad, simply hover your cursor over it.

Number of Queries
You are allowed to make 5 queries each day, but it is Free to use forever.
If you want to have unlimited queries, you can upgrade to the paid version.
Five queries is not bad for free use, you can simply use the Facebook Ad Library first, then when you find an ad you want to take a closer look, jump over to Bigspy.

Spying on your competitors is a great way to get ideas so you can improve your own ad campaign, copy and creative.
It doesn’t mean you have to copy everything word-by-word or use the same images or videos, but it allows you to model what is already running successfully.

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