If you’re wondering who is your ideal customer and where to find them…
Then you’re in the right place.
Because today, I’m going to share to you
7 Questions that will help you find your Ideal Customer.

Marketing and sales has nothing to do about what you are selling, but has everything to do about who you are selling to.
It’s very important to know who you are talking to.
Because if you try to talk to everyone, you actually end up talking to no one.

Even when you’re creating videos for your social media page or YouTube channel.
If one day you talk about food, the next day about pets, and the following day about cars…
There is so much disconnect in your contents.
And the random topics will just make you confused.
Your viewers will also feel the disconnect.
And instead of gaining loyal followers on a particular niche, you will just end up losing viewers because they are just as confused as you are and won’t find your contents relatable.
So, if your goal is to attract as many people as you can, your best course of action is to find the right people to talk to.
Once you have figured out your ideal customer, it’s easier for you to identify what contents you should be creating, what topics you should be discussing,
And you would be able to provide value to your audience that are actually helpful to them.
Once you have aligned your topics or contents to what people are looking for and need help with, more people will be attracted to you and buy whatever product you recommend to them.
So without further ado, I am going to share to you the 7 questions that can help you find your ideal customer.

7 Questions To Discover Your Ideal Customer

1. What is their age or age range?
For example, my niche are entrepreneurs and people who want to become entrepreneurs.
So my ideal age range would be 25-55 years old.
If you are selling products that help reduce wrinkles, then your ideal age range might be 40 years old and above.
If you’re promoting baby products, then your ideal customers would be young parents who are 20-35 years old.
And that’s how you identify the age range of your ideal customer.

2. What do they do for a living?
Are they office workers, trainers, teachers, coach, entrepreneurs, farmers, artists, musicians, athletes?
If you’re in marketing like me, then your ideal customer might be business owners or anyone who want assistance in promoting their business or craft like artists, musicians and coaches.
So ask yourself, what professions can benefit from your product or service.

3. Where do they like to hang out online?
Do they like to hang out on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn?
If you know where your ideal customer hangs out, then you know where to put out your promotion.

4. Who do they subscribe or follow online?
Check out who they follow or subscribe to online.
People usually follow and watch the things they like.
You can use their interests when finding and targeting your ideal customer.

5. What are some things that worry them?
Do they worry about their finances, their health, their relationship?
If you are able to identify what the things that worry them or keep them up at night,
you will be able to determine the solution that you will offer to them.

6. What are some things they might be struggling with right now?
If they worry about health, is it because they are overweight? If they are overweight, are they struggling to lose weight?
If they worry about finances, is it because their struggling to make ends meet or perhaps they have enough but are struggling to save for their future?

7. What is the most important to them?
If they are struggling to lose weight, what’s most important to them, is it inside which means they want to stay healthy, or outside which means they want to have an attractive figure?
If they are struggling financially, which is more important to them, to pay all their loans or to have the freedom to buy anything they want?

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7 Questions To Discover Your Ideal Customer

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