You spent the last few weeks creating hard hitting content for your blog, but now you’re stuck. I know this is frustrating, but there’s no need to start beating yourself up.

Content is essential to any type of marketing. And when you’re marketing, who are you doing it for? You’re doing it for your customers, which means your content should be customer-focused. And what do all customers have in common? They need to solve a problem and get information that can help them make a decision about a business!

This list will help you figure out what topics to talk about to help grow your business.

7 Powerful Contents To Grow Your Business

1. Your Personal Testimony
Each person’s story is unique, that includes yours!
A unique story is a great way to attract people’s attention and curiosity.
People naturally likes to snoop around, and your life story is another interesting topic to check out.
Take advantage of this opportunity to showcase how your business and your entrepreneurial journey brought the change you want in your life.
Stories like this not only piques your target customer’s interest but also provides motivation which is a great fuel for them to take the first step to enter your sales funnel.

2. 3rd Party Testimony
Another person’s point of view can amplify a personal testimony.
This shows that other people are also achieving results and this helps convince your prospects to take your offer.
According to business research, 94% of consumers say reading a positive review increases the chances of them engaging with a business.
Moreover, positive reviews increases sales conversion by 3.5%.
So, go ahead and reach out to your pervious customers, team members or your company’s leaders to conduct an interview and create a 3rd party testimonial for your business.

3. Before & After
In business, it is important to have a product that delivers results.
But when it comes to sales, it is more important to have a marketing that persuades your prospect that your product can deliver them results.
A Before & After is a great way to show your target customers that “this can work for you, too.”
And the best way to create a Before & After content is to focus on creating a scenario of life WITHOUT your product and a scenario of life WITH your product.
Take note, people don’t know how good something is until they first know how bad the previous situation was.

4. Behind-The-Scenes
Behind-The-Scenes content shows your audience a different side of you, particularly, the human side of you.
Building a human connection with your audience cultivates a deeper trust.
Also, it makes your audience feel special because you gave them an opportunity to have a closer look and gain a deeper understanding of everything that goes into your business and what makes you unique.
Getting to know about your business journey, your ups and downs, your struggles and success, is not only entertaining to your audience but is also compelling to their emotions.
Emotion is what drives purchasing decision.

5. Events
I’m not just talking about company or business events.
Any important personal event also counts.
Showing your audience that you celebrate your and your team’s success is another way to inspire them.
This helps people to visualize what happens when they join your business.
People needs acknowledgment.
When they know that you are there to support and cheer for them, it helps them build more meaningful relationship with you.
Good relationship is the foundation of a lasting and solid business.

6. Training videos
People love to learn new things, even if it is a trivial thing.
But most importantly, people love to learn things that will help them in their everyday lives.
Every individual has a problem that needs solution, or they need a step-by-step guidance in order to achieve their goal.
This is where a training videos comes in handy.
Training videos are very effective to help people learn to know or do something.
The best part of creating training videos for your niche is it establishes you as a Go-To person on a specific topic.
For example, if you were successful on losing weight, you can create and share training videos on what you did that made you achieve your weight loss goals.
Another example, if you have great gardening skills, you can create and share videos on how to keep plants healthy and grow a beautiful garden.
When people see you as a knowledge expert, they will treat you as their Go-To person.
And when they identify you as a Go-To person, this builds credibility.
Credibility builds trust.
Trust is the reason people choose to buy from you instead of your competitors.

7. Answering FAQ
Another trust-building content is Answering FAQ.
A lot of people have the same questions hence, Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ.
So, if you base your content topics on answering FAQ, you can create a valuable, sought-after video or blog.
FAQ makes it easier and faster for your customer to find the information they need.
At this day and age, people want to get things fast and easy, and if you are able to provide it to them, then people can easily remember you and your website as a source when they need an answer to something.
When people visit your website more often, they get to engage with you and know more about you and your business.
Remember, the rule of thumb is – people need to be exposed to your business at least seven times before they consider buying from you or joining your business.
Therefore, you want people to keep coming back to you or your website, and answering FAQ is one way to achieve this.

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7 Powerful Contents To Grow Your Business

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