First, when we say ‘Leads’, we are talking about people who are interested in your product, service or opportunity.
Particularly, these people interacted with your brand by visiting your website, downloading your content, signing up for your trial, or registering for your webinar.

In this regard, when we try to attract Leads, this process is called ‘Lead Generation’.
Another way to describe is turning our cold market into prospective customers.
Take note of the word “Prospective”, because these people are not yet your customers but they have high potential to become your customers.

As a business owner, I am pretty sure you have been finding and generating Leads through out the months or years you are building your business.
The next question however, is ‘how to turn these Leads into Buyers?’.
How will you motivate them to take action and buy your products?

And that’s what we are going to show you in this training.

5 Proven Strategies That Turn Leads Into Buyers

1. Be Visible Consistently
People don’t usually buy on the first interaction.
Take note of “The Rule of 7”.
The rule of seven means that it takes an average of seven interactions with your brand before a purchase will take place.

If you also take a look at your Sales Funnel, the first level is ‘Awareness’ and the second level is ‘Interest’.
Which means, people must first be aware that your brand and business exist, then they need to get to know your brand better before they get “Interested” in what you have.
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In order to build this awareness and interest, people need to remember your brand.
The way to do this is to ‘Be Visible Consistently’.

Traditionally, brands do this through advertising on television, radio, newspaper, magazines, and/or billboards.
But with internet and social media, these are now the usual places brands show up.
Likewise, you need to make your brand visible on different platforms.
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube – take your pick.
But make sure that you make your brand visible to everyone every single day.

That’s how people will remember you and your business and start trusting your brand.
Trust is what makes people choose your brand over your competitors.

2. Provide Value Regularly
As mentioned in number, Trust is important to make your customer choose you.
To even nurture this trust, you need to build credibility.
The best way to build credibility is to ‘Provide Value Regularly’.

Have you ever subscribed someone on YouTube or follow someone on social media?
Have you ever watched a make-up tutorial or a product review of someone you follow?
Have you ever taken them up on their recommendation of what shade and brand of make-up you should buy?
That’s how providing value works.

They showed you a product, gave you important information about, even showed you how to use the product.
And because they showed you how to use the product and how the product makes your life better, you become interested in buying the product.
Moreover, because you trust the person you are following, you also trust their recommendation on which brand to specifically buy.

A good example of this is Sarah Forrai from Sydney, Australia who developed Contour Cube.
Contour Cube is a gadget that creates facial icing.
Facial icing is a method of applying ice to your face.
It claims that low temperature causes blood to rise beneath the surface of the skin, which has a variety of benefits like reduces swelling, reduces oiliness, eases acne, lessens the appearance of undereye bags and brightens complexion.
Amazingly, Sarah made a whopping $25,000 in sales in two weeks after Kendall Jenner posted that she uses a Contour Cube in her daily skin regime.

(Disclaimer! I am not promoting Contour Cube, this is just for the sake of discussion and to show an example. You can read about this article on the credits below)

Point made, this is why providing valuable information regularly through contents is an effective strategy to persuade your viewers to buy a product and take you up on your recommendation.

Source credit: dailymail

3. Keep Them Motivated
People buy with emotion and justify with logic.
What does ‘People buy with emotion’ mean?
When buying an item, people are often driven to make the purchase because of their desire to feel happiness.
In fact, 95% of purchasing decisions are emotional.

Just think of it, when people say they are going to “treat themselves” after a hard work, what do they usually mean?
They mean they are going to buy something for themselves – whether it is a vacation trip, food trip or shopping – there is buying involved.
The point is, people needs to be emotionally triggered to go and make that purchase.

For this to happen you need to motivate them.
You need to keep them inspired on the vision of how the benefit of the products would make them feel happy and positive.

For example, if a person is always stressed out because of working long hours, motivate them on how would it feel if they wake up everyday feeling energized. And even at the end of the day, they still have the energy to go on and do more. They can still go party with friends, or spend time playing with their kids, or go and take their partner on a dinner date that they have been postponing for a long time.

Keep them motivated and amplify their emotion to inspire them to take action and make that purchase.

5 Proven Strategies That Turn Leads Into Buyers

4. Highlight Product Benefits
I mentioned about ‘Buy with Emotion’ previously.
Now, the second part of the phrase is ‘Jusify with Logic’.

Even though people are emotional beings, we still have rationality in us.
Which means, there is a part of us, that may hold the reins for a bit longer and think rationally if buying the product is worth it.

To put it simply – Logic makes people think, Emotions make people act.
Logic makes people say, “I need to think about it.”
Emotion makes people say, “Let’s get started.”
And when this happens, it’s up to you to take them over the bridge from logic to emotion.

That Logic is looking for a reason to justify the purchase.
What it truly means is that people is looking into the value of the product.
Is the value of the product really worth its price?
That’s the question that goes inside their mind.
And that’s the tipping point that you need to address to get your Leads to take the plunge.

So, how do you do that?
By ‘Highlighting the Benefits of the Products’.

The common mistake of every salesperson is focusing on the specs of a product – the dimension, the features, the ingredients.
Buy this supplement, it has Red Ginseng, L-citrullin and Ginkgo Biloba.
Did you get excited to buy hearing that ‘it has Red Ginseng, L-citrullin and Ginkgo Biloba’?
Not really, right?
But if you say, it will give you the vitality to last all night long to make your spouse 100% satisfied.
Now that piqued your interest (for sure, wink* wink*).

So, don’t forget about the combination of these two – Buy with Emotion, Justify with Logic.

5. Show Social Proof
Another way of keeping people motivated is to Show Social Proof.
Seeing results from others gives people the validation that the ‘it actually works’.

People usually don’t like to be the first one and be the only one in taking the steps.
Only few have the courage to jump right in and be the first to experience the benefits and positive transformation.
They would often want to see something and continue seeing more to believe.

So as mentioned in the number one, Be Visible Consistently, show them social proof over and over again can help motivate them to buy.
Show them image or video of testimonials.
You can also share stories of your personal or other people’s experiences.

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5 Proven Strategies That Turn Leads Into Buyers

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