Are you ready to get more Leads and Sales?

Just for a quick review of terminology, when I say Lead we are talking about potential customers.

Alright, now that’s out of the way, I am going to show you…

5 Facebook Strategies for More Leads & Sales

1. Lives and Reels

These are videos that you post on your Facebook profile or page.

As the name implies “Live” which means you go filming and talk about topics you want to share through live broadcast on Facebook.

Reels are pre recorded short videos that you can post on Facebook and are around 10-60 seconds only.

With the shorter attention span of people nowadays, videos are great to get your business and product out there.

Plus, videos are much more entertaining for people so you can easily attract their attention.

On top of that, Facebook pushes Lives and Reels in front of the audiences for 48 hours compared to regular posts that are only 24 hours, which means you get more views.

Now, when more people see your offer, the more potential customers you get.

If you still have not tried this Facebook feature, try it today.

2. Chatbots

Have you ever wished to be able to send bulk messages to many people through Facebook Messenger?

Well that’s possible with a chatbot.

One chatbot I can recommend Is

Aside from being able to send bulk messages, chatbots are great to be used as customer support and opt-in tool.

Have you experienced visiting a website and then a chat box suddenly pops up at the lower right corner of the screen? This is also a chatbot feature.

How does this exactly help you get leads?

Whenever someone chats through the bot, the chatter’s email or messenger account is also captured.

And that becomes your lead.

So, the next time you have an offer, you can send your leads a message to promote your product or business.

3. Facebook Groups

Why Facebook Groups?

Facebook Groups are sort of a community.

And people are naturally social creatures who want to belong in a community.

Because a community gives a social identity and people want to be associated to a particular distinguished group.

People also want to find support, information and encouragement from other people which can be found in groups.

Hence, people are drawn to join groups, and these people who join your group become your leads.

Also, because people voluntarily join groups, you are having a lukewarm to warm market who are more likely to buy from you or join your business.

Another advantage of Facebook Groups is that it is a closed-door space, which means you have captured audiences.

Your leads are in one place which makes it easier for you to draw their attention to your offers and promotions.

Not only that, because they are in a group, they get to observe the activities and reactions of other people first-hand. So, when someone from the group buys your product or joins your business, the other people who see that tend to be attracted to buy or join as well.

4. Ads

This is quite plain and simple.

Doing ads on Facebook is a sure way to get leads.

The advantage of doing ads is you can reach a wider audience, worldwide to your heart’s content.

On top of that, ads can be set to identify niches.

There are features in Facebook Ads that allow you to target an audience based on demographics and interests, which gives you a more laser-focused targeting and prospecting.

Moreover, Facebook Ads has a feature called ‘Insights’ that gives you data and stats of how your ads are working like how many people reached your ad, how many people viewed it, how many people clicked your Call-To-Action link.

These stats can give you a better picture of what your audience wants so you can tweak your offer to better suit them, giving you a higher chance of people buying from you.

5. Sales Funnel

This is my personal favorite.

Because once a sales funnel is set up, it can run the business for you 24/7 without you needing to be in front of your computer.

How does Sales Funnel generate leads for you?

As the word implies ‘Sales’ ‘Funnel’.

Hence, imagine a funnel.

The top of the funnel is a lead magnet. A lead magnet is any Facebook post, either an image or a video, that shows an irresistible offer or freebie that attracts people to get in the funnel.

This lead magnet then has an opt-in form. If people want to get their hands on your irresistible offer or freebie, they are asked to provide their email where the freebie will be sent.

And that is how you get leads in the form of emails.

Then, the email they receive with your freebie will also contain a sales offer. And that is how you make a sale from your leads.

And there you have it!

5 Facebook Strategies for More Leads & Sales

Just for a quick recap.

You can get more leads and sales in implementing any of these:

-Doing Live and Reels video with your offer

-Using chatbots

-Opening doors to a Facebook Group

-Running ads

-Setting up a sales funnel

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