When you are asked – ‘What are the reasons people will buy from you?’ – what answers come to your mind?
I bet you would think…
Price and Quality.
Quality is definitely a must because no one would ever buy from you again if you offer poor quality.
Price however is a different story.
Here’s an example.
A person might not be willing to pay $1,000 to enroll in a course to develop skills BUT has no problem buying a $1,000 iPhone.
In short, it all comes down to the customer’s perceived value of a product.
If a person don’t see something valuable, they are not willing to pay the price.
Which is why regardless if your product is worth $3,000, if the customer sees value in what you offer, money is no object.

Now, let’s talk more about the additional Reasons People Will Buy From You.

5 Big Reasons People Will Buy From You

1. What’s in it for me
People always want to know what they will gain from your product, service or opportunity.
They don’t want anything that is no benefit to them.
Your message should always focus on the benefits of your products.
To do this, list down first the features of your products, and then translate these feature into benefits.
Here are examples.

This camera has shutter speed of 1/64,000, has ISO of 100 to 1600, and aperture range from f/1.4 to f/32.

Be able to take clear pictures in the dark and of moving objects so you can always capture important moments.

This laptop has 1TB hard drive.

Store all your important photos, videos and documents in one place without having to worry about performance issues.

2. Know, Like and Trust
To put it simply, people prefer to do business with someone they Know, Like and Trust.
That said, here are ways to build your Know, Like and Trust factor.

a. Be Visible
People need to know that you and your business exist.
To do that, you need to get out there as much as you can.
Show up on social media or YouTube.
Whatever platform it is, whatever you need to do, just be everywhere people can see you and your business.

b. Build Connection
People develop connection to your brand if they can relate to what you stand for.
Make sure to be clear and share your brand’s value.
Here are questions you can ask yourself regarding your brand’s value:

  • What’s your brand’s mission?
  • What overall goals do you want to accomplish, and why?
  • What do you personally care about?
  • What’s important to you?
  • What causes do you care about?
  • What issues, problems, or injustices do you see that you would like to help solve?

c. Be Consistent
Once you started to be visible and sharing you values, you need to be consistent.
You need to show up every single time.
No buts, no excuses.
The moment you stop, your progress also stops, and you will never reach your goal.
Being consistent is hard, but that is the only way for you to move towards success.

3. Social Proof
People don’t want to be the only one who jumps in the circle.
Which is why they will always find other people who also purchased the product.
They need confirmation, and confirmation means trust.
Social proof doesn’t always mean your own personal results.
Here are other social proof that you can use:

  • Social likes and shares
  • Long form testimonials
  • Customer reviews
  • Trust signals (e.g. the Trustpilot logo and star rating, or even review snippets from product reviews, or Google
  • Seller Ratings from your paid ads in SERPs)
  • Case studies
  • Celebrity or influencer endorsements
  • Earned media

4. Provides Hope
Everybody wants to get from point A to point B.
Each has their own goals they want to achieve.
And your job is to provide them HOPE that they can get to point B.
Show them how your product, service or opportunity can help them achieve their goals.
Hope is a very powerful factor that can motivate people to take the next step and actually buy your product.

5. Fear of Loss
You have probably seen people swarm the malls on Black Friday Sale.
And the reason why is they want to take advantage of the limited time promotion.
They are afraid that if they don’t act now, they will lose the chance to haul items at very low prices.
And that is an example of ‘Fear of Loss’.
Scarcity is a great driver for sales.

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5 Big Reasons People Will Buy From You

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