If you are in Network Marketing chances are you have been told by your upline to list down names of your family and friends, and then ‘Invite’ them to watch your company’s business presentation.

The thing is, if this is your first time, you have little to no idea how to invite your family and friends without sounding salesy or pushy (or suspicious).

And even if this not your first time, if you still haven’t gotten used to inviting prospects, you still feel hesitant reaching out to people to invite them to watch your presentation because you are afraid that you sound salesy or pushy.

So in this blog, I will be sharing the 3 Things To Avoid When Inviting Prospects so you can avoid sounding salesy and chasing away your prospects.

3 Things To Avoid When Inviting Prospects

Before I start, let me just point out that the ‘Key’ to Inviting Prospects is to ‘Do Things Fast’.

And perhaps the acronym ‘KISS’ – Keep It Short & Simple – can help you remember the following things to avoid.

1. Don’t Chat Too Long

Building rapport is important. And most of the time you feel that you need to build a deeper connection in order to gain people’s trust and make it easier to open up an invitation to your business presentation.

But guess what, this is one of the worse thing you can do.

Just imagine talking time building a personal relationship that lasts hours, days or even weeks, just to suddenly talk about business and inviting the person to a company presentation.


On top of it, you will give your new friends the feeling that you just made friends with them to recruit them to your business.

Double Awkward!

So when you start that call or message, don’t chat too long.

Greet, compliment, and align by finding things in common with your prospect.

These few words are enough to build rapport.

2. Don’t Give Too Much Details

I have already mentioned above that you shouldn’t chat too long.

That said, you shouldn’t give too much details either.

You shouldn’t be answering questions over the phone.

One big reason for that is to avoid facing a question you couldn’t answer.

Another reason is if you put out too much details right away, you take away the curiosity and your prospect will no longer find the need to watch the presentation.

The best thing to do is just to set them a schedule and let the presentation do the explaining.

3. Don’t Send the Presentation Without a Confirmed Schedule

Setting a confirmed schedule is a must otherwise you will be left with no guarantee that your prospect will watch the presentation.

And when that happens, you will be left chasing your prospects just to follow up if they have watched the video.

Thus, always make sure that you have a confirmed time and day (today is best) before you send your presentation.

Also, don’t forget to remind your prospects. If it’s the same day, remind an hour before the set schedule. If it’s a different day, remind first thing in the morning of that day and an hour before the set schedule.

It’s perfectly ok to do this. Reminding your prospects simply shows you are serious about your business and that you give importance to your clients.

Alright, to give you a quick run of how this Invitation flows, below is an example.

“Hello Mike, how are you doing today? I saw the pictures of your vacation in the Bahamas this morning. It looks so exciting! I think I’m going to add that to my bucket list. What are your top picks for us to visit?”

Wait for Mike’s reply before messaging again.

“Great! I’ll keep note of your suggestions. By the way, there is something very important that I want to show you. Do you think you can carve 15 minutes tonight to get in front of your computer? Let’s say 7 PM? I’m just running to a meeting right now so I can’t stay long on the phone.”

When Mike says ‘Yes’ confirm the schedule.

“Awesome! I will be talking to you tonight at 7 PM.”

Then get back to Mike on the scheduled time and show him your presentation. You can ask him for an email and send him a link or give him instructions what to do and which website to go.

3 Things To Avoid When Inviting Prospects

To wrap things up…

Remember KISS – Keep It Short & Simple.

Avoid these 3 things when inviting you prospects.
– Don’t chat too long
– Don’t give too much details
– Don’t send the presentation without a confirmed schedule

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3 Things To Avoid When Inviting Prospects

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