Alright, you started your business, what’s the next thing you do?

You might have thought of reaching out to your friends, family members and relatives to show them your products or opportunity.

After that, you post it all over your social media account.

Then, tag your online friends on your post.

And then, share your posts inside Facebook groups.

If these are still not enough, you comment and offer your products on other people’s posts.

Does this routine sound familiar?


I am well familiar of it, too.

Because I made all these mistakes too when I started my online business. Aside from the fact that these are cringy practices, they did not produce any good result for me.

So I made a decision to take things seriously and do my business the way it should be.

I put in all the effort to learn how to properly market and grow my online business.

Yes, it is a hard process. And most people quit before becoming successful because of this exact reason. They do not want to put in the effort and hard work.

But fret not!

Because today, I am going to share to you the three simple ways that I learned from the experts on how you can grow your business without doing all those cringy and icky things that do not produce the results that you want.

(And when I said experts, I meant people who are actually doing online business and they are putting these methods into practice. They have tested and proven these methods working, and helped them create millions in income.)

Without further ado, here are…

3 Simple Ways to Grow Your Online Business

Method #1 – Facebook Ads

I have always liked Facebook Ads because it allows you to target your audience.

You can either create an Ad inside the Business Suite or simply boost a post in your Fan Page.

If you haven’t done Facebook Ads and would like to do it but don’t have any idea how, I am going to show you hot to do this on a separate tutorial blog.

By the way, this method works with your Facebook Fan Page and not with your personal account.

And I highly suggest that you create a Fan Page for your business instead of using your personal account. It is called ‘personal’ account for a reason.

Method #2 – Blog

I also highly suggest this one. And that is because this is something that I have observed as a staple among experts.

When I was looking for a solution on how I can grow my online business, I decided to do a research on the methods and techniques of top earners and coaches that I am already following online.

And one thing that they have in common is they own a blog or website.

So, I dug deeper on the benefits of having my own blog and how it helps in building a business. And I discussed these on my other article.

You can read all about the reasons why you should blog if you have an online business HERE.

Method #3 – Webinar

This is my personal favorite.

This is the absolute bomb if you want to create trust and authority so you can attract people to buy your product or join your business.

People are naturally attracted to knowledge and information. And when you do webinar, not only you are sharing knowledge to others, people are seeing you as a valuable source of information.

So when they are ready to buy a product or start a business, you will be the one that comes to their minds first.

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3 Simple Ways to Grow Your Online Business

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