Reason #1 – EXPOSURE

You can receive tons of fliers, infographics and guides from you company, but how can you get that out there to many people?

You may be thinking through social media, but here is what sets the difference with a blog.

Your blog personally belongs to you. All the information in your blog is personally branded to you so no one can take the credits away from you.


Blog is a platform where you share value. And when people see you giving value, you build yourself Credibility. And that is what makes people get attracted to you. This holds true to a lot of industry leaders out there. They have their own blog (or website) where they share valuable information, and it makes them attractive to the audience.


You may be thinking again – social media.

But I already pointed out the reason – Blog is branded to You! And when people decide to buy, you will be the person that pops in their mind.

On top of that, a blog can give you better optimization in search engines so people can find you easily on the internet.

And the sweetest thing about blog is you can set it up to different systems like lead pages and autoresponders that will help you convert audience views to an actual sale. This gives you more efficiency in doing business.

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